How to promote a website?

Igor Gawryƛ May 04, 2020

Nowadays, trading on the Internet is slowly replacing traditional forms of shopping. No wonder; the online store is cheaper to maintain for sellers, and for consumers it is an opportunity to easily shop without leaving home. Nowadays, you can buy everything from a toothbrush to a luxury vacation on the Internet. Many fresh owners of online stores have a problem with reaching customers and in order to stand out from the crowd. To overcome this, we have prepared some tips for beginners to increase the reach of your online store.

  1. Create good advertising campaigns The easiest way to attract customers is to organize advertising campaigns during the holidays, such as Christmas or Black Friday. The more your assortment suits a given holiday, the better it is for you. However, remember - high demand is also associated with large supply, i.e. competition. Therefore, use proven and reliable methods of promotion that they can also use, such as Facebook Ad Manager, which will allow you to adjust ads to your marketing assumptions and target group.

  2. Spend time developing and acquiring new competences When running your own business, it is important to educate yourself and develop your competences in order to be successful. In the case of running an online store, you can learn to use new programs, develop marketing skills or learn the secrets of sales psychology. It is important that the development is a continuous and systematic process; without it you can't count on good results.

  3. Take care of quality The image of consumer satisfaction consists not only of the quality of the goods received or the amount of its price. Owners often forget that between clicking the "order" button and picking up the parcel, there are many processes that create a complete picture of the experience of shopping in an online store. Therefore, take care of the efficient shipment of goods, control inventory levels and properly secure shipments. Also when it comes to transport, lean towards quality, not savings, and choose the best courier companies on the market.

  4. Show a "human" face Young, developing brands are recommended to show the owner as her face. This has several advantages. The first is to warm up the company's image by making the customer see a real person on the other side of the screen. Another is the fact that by showing our own face, we build trust among our website customers. In addition to promoting the company with your own image, it is also worth showing the environment in which we work. The appearance of the office, daily events in the life of the company or implemented projects; it all helps build a positive brand image.

  5. Lead magnet, that is, provide free value Each of us likes to receive useful things that we do not have to pay for in cash. Therefore, for many years this relationship has been used to create the so-called sales funnels. Creating a basic sales funnel starts with creating some free value that will attract the customer. It could be a simple e-book, a percentage discount to the store, or other attractive content. It is made available to the user to his e-mail address after entering it in a special form and accepting consents to send commercial offers in this way. Thanks to this, we gain access to a given e-mail address to which we can direct our marketing offer at a later date. This procedure will make different users stop at different stages of the sales funnel; some of them will only download free content, which opens the way to further marketing activities, while others will come back to you immediately after downloading it and take advantage of your offer.

  6. Create and use a mailing database Despite the increasing use of social media marketing, email is still a very effective way to promote your offer. Thanks to specialized tools, it is possible to reach new recipients even better, e.g. by personalizing the content of messages or creating entire campaigns targeted at specific groups of recipients. There are many professional websites on the market that allow you to create effective email marketing campaigns, two of which are the most popular. They are FreshMail and GetResponse. Both of these services, apart from the newsletter creator, include additional functions such as creating autoresponders, lending page or SMS campaigns. You can test both of these services for free and choose the one that best suits your business needs.

  7. Automate your marketing processes Anyone who has tried to carry out any advertising activities knows how much time, energy and resources they can consume. However, there are ways to make advertising, especially online, cheaper and more effective. One of these solutions is Facebook's tool for advertisers called Business Manager. After a short introduction, this application is complicated at first sight and is a powerful tool for creating and publishing ads. It allows us to set the goal of the campaign, from promoting the brand, through focusing on acquiring likes, ending with acquiring new entries to the website. In addition, we have full control over our target group, which we can define in terms of place of residence, demographics and, most importantly, online behavior. Within each campaign, we can create different target groups and ads that will be tested by Facebook algorithms, publishing the best content in terms of results. When publishing advertisements through Business Manager, we do not limit ourselves to Facebook only; The ads will also be published on Instagram and Messenger.

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