Sales support via social media.

Igor Gawryƛ May 04, 2020

Sales support via social media.

Currently, every company, regardless of its size, industry and seniority, wants to appear in social media. And no wonder; Currently, platforms such as Facebook or Instagram constitute an ideal base of potential customers, who, however, should be encouraged to buy in your store, not at the competition. So how to use the marketing potential hidden in your social media channels? Today you will learn 4 tips that will help you increase sales thanks to social media.

Step 1. Don't be afraid of paid advertisers

A big mistake made by startup companies entering the sphere of social media is to focus only on creating posts, not on creating ads. From year to year, Facebook increasingly limits the organic reach of posts, which currently only reach about 25% of people watching the profile. As a result, without a paid promotion, we will not reach new users. However, contrary to appearances, it is not as bad as it looks at first glance. By using paid advertising, we have full control over target groups, published content, campaign goals, and most importantly, over expenses.

Moreover, effective promotion on Facebook does not mean allocating a huge advertising budget to the campaign; creating engaging content and a good ad configuration will allow you to maximize the effect while reducing costs. This is due to the fact that Facebook is more likely to promote effective ads, because they bring it profits. In addition, by publishing ads thanks to Facebook marketing tools, you also get access to promote content on the equally popular Instagram and Messenger.

Step 2. Create ads with different purposes

Beginner users of Business Manager misuse targets based on page likes or activity on a specific post in publishing their ads. Although it will be effective, focusing on these goals severely limits the possibilities that are available in the promotion of the company. Especially when running an online store, you should take advantage of other options, such as referring the user to the website thanks to the "Traffic" goal, generating leads thanks to the forms included in the purpose of "Acquiring contacts", and even encouraging purchases in a stationary store thanks to the "Traffic in the company" goal .

Not every goal will work in every industry, so it is worth trying different solutions and choosing the ones that achieve the best results. Try to try out all the tools provided by Facebook to fully use their advertising potential.

Step 3. Test various forms of advertising

Social media ads can come in a variety of formats. Single photos, product carousels, videos, and even instant materials that are a collection of all of the above; each of them works as a medium that may interest the recipient of the advertisement. However, before you discover which format suits your business, it must first be tested and optimized. If you run an online store, try the "Move" goal together with a post you create or a carousel ad that looks a bit like a slider. Attractive photos, on the other hand, will be perfect for campaigns targeted at Instagram users, helping to make a quick purchase decision.

Step 4. Don't forget about remarketing

When focusing on acquiring new customers, we often forget to ensure contact with people who have already used our services. E-mail or telephone are often used for this, but not everyone knows that Facebook will also be great in this role.

The action that should be done in the first place is adding the so-called Facebook Pixel. Thanks to this, it is possible for Facebook systems to record which user has accessed your website and what the conversion was. Thanks to it, it is also possible to create non-standard groups of recipients, based on the users of your website. Thanks to this, it is possible to "remind" the user about an offer that he may have overlooked or forgotten.

As you can see, social media is a dynamically developing channel of communication with consumers, which has a significant impact on sales. In the era of ubiquitous advertising and a lot of information, even a small impulse can decide on a purchase decision. Thanks to the use of good practices and creativity in advertising promotion, you can achieve great success.

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